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Sitting at home tonight, I have been thinking of what to write. Unfortunately my dear neighbors have given me the perfect topic. Rude, inconsiderate, obnoxiously, people. All I can say is – SERIOUSLY!! Listening to you bang and run around is annoying enough when it’s only for a few minutes. When you do it for hours and hours – that is my breaking point. And what do you do when I bang back – oh that’s right, you just ignore me or bang harder. So what do I do, ha ha ha – jokes on you. I’m a recording artist, I have tons of recording machinery to record every little (or rather LOUD noise you make). But, realistically I don’t need all that proof. My letters to the HOA will be enough to get them to fine you until you learn to be a good, respectful neighbor. 

Unfortunately none of that is immediately invigorating to me. Don’t get me wrong, the thought of them paying hundreds of dollars on fines because they drop and stomp and run around like over weight elephants brings joys to my oh so stressed out nerves. But, what I would really like to do right now is stomp on up those steps, pound on their door and tell them what I think. But, realistically that wouldn’t get me anywhere. Hmm….. 
The real thought in my mind is why do we have to be so rude and inconsiderate to each other? Why can’t we be respectful and kind? Why is it my fault for getting upset that I hear every damn thing you do?
I suppose for now I will hope that within the next hour they will quiet down, and tomorrow will be better. If not – well the landlord will be hearing from me. 

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