A Time of Passion

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A Question? – What is the passion in life that moves your life?

I would never dare say that there is only one emotion, reason, item, idea, person, etc. that compels us to live, play, love, and take each step to the all so inevitable future. The real trick is if we actually get to where we want to be – or – somewhere better. I feel one of the greatest mysteries and struggles in life is that despite all of our efforts there is no way to guarantee every action and every consequence for good or bad. However, I do believe that the choices we make compel us to a future in which we can have happiness and joy. And, I do believe that even in tragedy we can find that joy.

The problem – the unknown is scary and rejection is scary. People, well they are a whole different story.

This is where I come back to passion. There are so many obstacles is life that make every step difficult. Most of which I have come to believe (at least in my life) have been created because of me. The other obstacles – do I believe they are conquerable? – oh yes! Passion, I believe is necessary to keep us on the track that we desire, despite if the track changes. Love binds us together, devotion drives us to growth and mastery, and passion drives us to our desires. without the deep un-containable surge of unwavering energy that can almost drive us mad without being released, how would we ever know there is more than just complacency?

Now the ending questions – do we use that passion or do we bury it for complacency?

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