A Lazy, Lazy Night

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lying here on the couch, I’ve been thinking to myself – how in the world do you motivate yourself?

I will admit that this evening (after finishing work at 7:30pm) I began watching American Idol. I haven’t been the biggest fan of the show for – well – ever really. Although I did enjoy the season with Daughtry and I think that was the season Carrie Underwood won. That just tells you how much I pay attention. This season however – at least this show – I was impressed with many of the singers and their stories. Some of them really have SOO much motivation. Wow! Was all I could think. I LOVE music, I can’t even begin to put into words how it feels to listen to it, to feel it, to sing and play it. But to spend every waking hour pushing myself to become better and better. Honestly – I would love it if the day came I could support myself that way. Until then, that type of work comes after work.

Unfortunately, by that time, I’ve lost most of my energy (both mentally and physically). So how do you motivate yourself to keep working after you’ve lost the ability. My proposal is – you just do. I know that answer really sucks, but to me it seems that realistically, it is a choice. If turning on music helps – you choose to do that to help get you into that zone. If reading is something that helps – you choose to do that. Whatever it is that gets the energy going again, and makes you pick up that pen, computer, instrument – you have to choose to do that to work.

What a crazy thought, that we choose what we do. Maybe perhaps this weekend, I will choose to push myself, to think of what I can do and not what I cannot do. Yes, I believe that is a great choice.

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