Open Mic Night! Alchemy Coffee Company

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After being invisible to everyone – physically and electronically – for over a week now, I am excited to be writing tonight about the great open mic night I went to Tuesday night with the very talented Melody and Tyler.

Open Mic nights are a great opportunity to meet many great musicians, hear great music and poetry, display your passion, and enjoy the atmosphere of the venue you’re playing at. In the case of last night, there was no shortage. Alchemy Coffee Company is a great place to get anything on the menu (my favs are the breakfast croissant and hot cocoa) and sit and relax. My favorite accessory to the decor is the disco ball hanging from the ceiling. (as seen in attached photo).

As always, Melody and Tyler were great. Their ability to play together, their skill on the guitar and vocals is something I covet. If you haven’t checked them out yet, I strongly recommend it. One thing I particularly admire is the way they interact with the people and musicians around them. They are always professional, genuine and encouraging. (Adding in a plug – ‘The Fifth’ March 25th @ 9:00pm is the next time we’ll be playing together)

Ms. Bonnie came up to Alchemy and it was great to see her. It’s amazing how someone can live all of two steps away from you, but you still never-ever see them. Greg was fabu on the guitar, (I especially loved the comments as he set up his pedal board – or board of magic as I prefer to think of it) and as for me – loved it! I must say, and I don’t know how it happens, but every time I’m able to sing, whether it is in Greg’s basement, in my car, or on the stag, I love the emotion and meaning behind it. They say music is about communication – I do hope that through the lyrics, the instruments, and performance I am able to communicate and connect to anyone listening.

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