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Oh the anxiety of waiting for a response from a venue or a booking agent. As an artist that desires to share what they’ve created, it can definitely be frustrating when you never get an email or a phone call returned. I will honestly admit that I never assumed that it would be this hard to play somewhere. I will also add – that every place I have been able to play at, I have been grateful and extremely excited over.

So what’s the point? I guess that depends on what you would want to get out of it.

Yes – the music business is tough, and if you want to get in you better have tough skin. However, I would prefer to stick to some more positive notes. Why – well it’s not because I’m always an optimistic person. I have definitely been in places that I want to quit, and wonder why I ever decided to sing. I’ve been beaten, slandered, taken advantage of, and almost everything you can imagine to tear down a persons spirit.

So, going back to the positive notes –

It gets better. For every flakey person – you go through maybe a dozen – and you’ll find one that is really great. There are artists out there who have been down the long road of trying to book gigs and now they play constantly and they’re willing to help (well, as long as they think you’re good – so hopefully you are). And, as you start performing, and you do a good job or better, than you start developing relationships and are able to come back and play again. The greatest part about playing is that you start to develop fans :)  Woo Hooo

While I’m not an expert – and will never claim to be. I have met some great people! and they have helped me out a lot and given me great advice, and taught me a lot. I still have a long way to go, but as with everything I’ll keep on sending those emails, making those phone calls and trying to get my name out there.

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