A love and hate relationship

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Have you ever found things that you just don’t like?

That can be food, activities, people – why not people. Of course there are things within the world and within our lives that we don’t like. Now, how about something you love, but to do what you love, you also have to do that thing you hate.

Maybe the purpose for such a thing is balance, harmony, growth? Maybe it’s just pure torture. Because for me, every time I have pick-up a phone and think of what I have to say, or write an email and think of what to write, I get anxiety I tell you. I freeze and my mind goes black. What I’m referring to is calling and emailing people to set up shows. I don’t mind talking to people in person, and I love singing – I love being on the stage and hopefully those listening enjoy the music created.

So how do you get past the “hard” part? Well – no wise words here. I hate it and I don’t want to do it. So maybe someone out there in the internet world can add in those wise words. Right now I’m thinking find someone who will do it for me. Ya – I like that idea – now can I afford it 😉

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