Great Music, Great Fun, and Great Friends

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So, Friday night was the big night at “The Fifth” in Bountiful. “Melody and Tyler” (amazing if I do say so myself) were having their CD release concert and they were nice enough to invite me to be part of the show. Also joining the line up for the night was “The Wayne Hoskins Band”. (Amazing as well)
For all of you who know me, when it comes to music I can be pretty harsh and honest about my opinion. To me there is nothing more annoying than music that isn’t real. To hear someone who can’t sing – singing, is a huge pet-peeve. It really makes things difficult for those artists out there who have a love and passion for music. Those who have a gift and create magic through the combining and manipulation of instruments and rhythms. When those with no talent are molded and controlled like little marionette puppets, when their voices are created and distorted by computers rather than having talent, those who inspire and create are pushed off to the side because their music isn’t mainstream music. 
Nope, I don’t have an opinion on music. So – as I was trying to get to, “Melody and Tyler” – along with “The Wayne Hoskins Band” are worth checking out and seeing live.  
The evening was full of great fun. Starting off the show, the crowd was great. There was amazing enthusiasm and appreciation. As an artist, the response from the crowd is something truly treasured. “Melody and Tyler” rocked the stage! Melody’s voice is amazing and captures the crowd. Together Melody and Tyler are true musicians with amazing songs, lyrics and talent. 
Ending the show was “The Wayne Hoskins Band”. I had never heard of the band before and they didn’t disappoint from the first song to the last. The room was no longer sitting, and even the group of senior citizens out on the town for the night were dancing the night away. 
The greatest thing for me was meeting everyone that came out to the show. Thank you to everyone who took a change on my music. Thank you to everyone that came and talked to me. Thank you for the amazing night, for without the fans – everyone in the room that came out for night – we wouldn’t have a reason to get on stage and share something with you that is a passion and love. 
Thank you to The Fifth Ammendment, Rockfish Record Company, Brody Layton, Mark Slater, Michael Gafa, The Wayne Hoskins Band, and Melody and Tyler. What an honor to be part of such a great night. 

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