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As like before – it takes me forever to log back on and write something that may or may not be seen as impressive or lame. You can choose.

This weekend was a great whirlwind. From running to-and-fro from daily chores to a friends wedding and ending up at the house concert of Melody and Tyler. The first thing I want to say is AMAZING! to Brian Bingham, Melody and Tyler, and Steven Swift! I’ve never seen (in person) such mind blowing guitar work. I never knew someone’s fingers could move that fast. Seriously makes me jealous. Now, if only it made me jealous enough pick up that guitar in my room. Maybe I should work on that.

One of the craziest outcomes of the weekend came from a guitarist I have recently started working with. Now, when I say recently I mean that we’ve had a few conversations over the phone and through email. We have yet to set up a face-to-face meeting and practice. Greg was wonderful enough to set me up with a great guitarist to cover the gigs that I line-up in which he is unable to assist me with. And, well, he didn’t disappoint in many ways. Saturday morning I got a phone call from Kyle and he asked me if I would be willing to add some vocals to the track of a song he and his band are recording. Apparently they would like some female vocals as back-up on the ending chorus. All I have to say is – YES! what a random great opportunity! I never would have expected it and I and very excited to be a part of the music they are creating.
The point of this would not be to brag, especially since I have no idea how everything is going to work out.  The point for me is that you never know when something out of the blue will come up. When someone might hear what you do and love it, or even just like it enough to say they want to give you a chance. I definitely feel very young in the music scene in Utah not to mention the world. But I love meeting new people, experiencing the magic and joy they bring to music, and being a part of that with them.
So, it is definitely a good idea to always be friendly, honest, fair and well, work hard enough that you’re ready for what doors may open.

Ha ha – hopefully I’m ready for tomorrow.

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