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Analyzing situations and words from an early age, Naarah became intrigued with the way you can put words together, creating an endless world of stories and emotions. With musical influences ranging from Evanescence to Ani DiFranco, Naarah’s music embodies soft melodic tones, edgy solid guitar riffs, and rhythmic piano. Using her passion, Naarah desires her music to hold a strong story, emotionally hold people, and to say, “Hey, I’ve felt that way”.

Endeavoring on her second album, Naarah’s goal is to get personal. What better
way to do that, then to take down all the walls and let out all those bottled-up
emotions. “Life is full of ups and downs, amazing moments, and life shattering
blows. To me, music celebrates and it heals. Hopefully, this next album will say just