Frigid Fun!

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I am always up to new experiences and adventures. When the amazing Raquel at www.rememberwhenby asked about shooting a photo spread on Sunday I jumped at the opportunity. However, as Saturday turned into a snowy day, and waking up on Sunday the snow was drifting down to the ground heavier and heavier, I was a little worried. Ms. Raquel had not called about canceling the shoot – so just as planned, I headed out the door at 8:30 in the morning to get my hair and make-up done.

I find it amazing that you can drive only 15-20 minutes down the road and the snow accumulation is completely different. As I found more snow on the ground, I wasn’t sure if I was excited or nervous. After an hour of hair and make-up, loading everything into the car, and heading out, there was no turning back. The further we drove toward the mountains, the deeper the snow stood before us.

As we pulled into the parking lot, entering into the canyon, there was one guy brushing off his car looking at us (as we emptied the car, me in my little outfit) like we were crazy. But – we were determined. I must say, I can only imagine the look on my face as Raquel told me it was time to take off my coat and my gloves. Definitely no turning back now. Jumping right in we began a shoot that ended after 30 minutes. It was the quickest shoot I’ve ever shot. But, also one full of fun and quite rewarding.

Within that thirty minutes my fingers turned red against the snow, my make-up smeared across my face, all the curls in my hair dropped as the roots had icicles growing on them. Despite the cold, dancing and spinning in the snow made me feel like I was 5 years old again and nothing mattered but catching a snow flack on my nose or tongue.

What an exciting new adventure! Thanks Raquel!

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